Message from the Resident Representative

Our cooperation in Niger began in 1965 with the dispatch of 2 Japanese experts. Since then, technical and financial cooperation has been extended to sector of transport, health, water supply, that of education, etc.

In 1984, JICA established an office of volunteer coordinators and started sending volunteers all over Niger.

The young Japanese volunteers worked hand in hand with the communities. The total number of volunteers who served in Niger were around 700. Unfortunately, They had to evacuate in 2011, due to the worsening security situation in the Sahel.

However, JICA continues to cooperate with Niger to maintain strong friendships that grow between the two countries and for the development of Niger.


1 - Improving access to quality education,
2 - Food security through the development of agriculture,
3 - The contribution to peace and security,
are our 3 main areas of cooperation.

The key word is "Community Participation". JICA Niger believes that the strength of the community and development of human resources can form the basis of sustainable development.

JICA wishes to contribute, in collaboration with the relevant Ministries, international partners, etc., to the realization of the "Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) 2017-2021" and the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" of Niger.

OBATA Eihiko
Resident Representative
JICA Niger Office