Private Sector Partnership Sector

JICA Intervention in Private Sector Partnership Sector In Rwanda

In Rwanda, the government aspires to become a developed economy by 2050 and the private sector has a critical role of contributing directly to this vision. In order to achieve the NST1 high growth rate, an investment of RWF 41,735 billion was required (2017-2024) of which 41% would represent the private sector investments. Rwanda is inviting local and international companies to submit their investment projects and participate in the upcoming “Rwanda Private Sector-Led Program”.

Through various schemes, JICA collaborates with Japanese private sector to conduct ODA efficiently and effectively. The Japanese private sector possesses technological and human resources in various fields that may contribute to fulfilling societal needs and have a positive impact on the social welfare of partner countries. Therefore, under its scheme named “SDGs Business Supporting Surveys” also known as a “Proposal based Program”, JICA invites proposals from Japanese enterprises and collaborate with the proponents who have submitted successful proposals.


Ongoing projects

1. Verification Survey for Lightening Protection Solution on Key Infrastructure of ICT Industry

  • Japanese company: OTOWA Electric Co., Ltd
  • Counterpart: Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Agency (RURA)
  • Duration: September 2019 to June 2024
  • Target areas: Kigali and Rutsiro

This Survey aims to verify the effectiveness of OTOWA’s lightning protection technology by installing its products on RURA’s target sites (RURA new HQ building, Kigali Mountain Monitoring site, RURA Rutsiro Mountain Monitoring site) in order to protect ICT infrastructure from lightning damages and promote to the other sites related to ICT industry in cooperation with RURA.

OTOWA disseminates information and knowledge of lightening protection technology in both public and private sector.

2. Verification Survey for Acute Disease Tele medicine Network System to Improve Lifesaving Rate

  • Japanese company: Allm Inc.,
  • Counterpart: Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC)
  • Duration: December 2021 to June 2024
  • Target areas: Kigali

In order to contribute to solving the problems caused by insufficient and uneven distribution of medical resources and to improve the quality of medical care in Rwanda, the usefulness of the telemedicine system, which is “Join” designed for physicians and other medical professionals, will be verified and the methods of dissemination and issues to be addressed in the country will be discussed in this survey.

Allm Inc., with “Join” contributes to establish mobile tele-consultation network for cancer and other non-communicable diseases to information exchange, support mobile clinical and education network for doctors.

3. Verification Survey with the Private Sector for high quality flower seedling production utilizing tissue culture technology.

  • Japanese company: R-Gate Hachimantai Ltd
  • Counterpart: National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)
  • Duration: February 2023 to March 2025
  • Target areas: Kigali and Kicukiro

Under this survey, the usefulness and superiority of tissue culture technology in floriculture, focused on Ashiro Rindo (Ashiro Gentian), and its strategies to disseminate in Rwanda will be verified. This is expected to contribute to the value-added agriculture promotion mentioned in Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation 4 (PSTA 4).

Tissue culture technology, which is a technology for aseptically culturing and growing a part of a plant, is widely used as a virus-free production technology for flower production that ensures stable quality and quantity. Tissue culture technology is essential for the promotion of the seedling export industry because seedlings for export must be virus-free.