Promoting The Growth of The Manufacturing Industry in Zambia


The Zambian Government has identified manufacturing as one of the key sectors in its 8th national development plan, and in addition to expanding trade and increasing private investment, it is also focusing on developing and operating multi facility economic zones and industrial parks.

The Data Collection Survey on Promoting Manufacturing Industry aims to identify the development challenges and potential of seven sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry (food processing, engineering, wood and wood products, textiles, leather and leather products, metals and non-metallic minerals, and pharmaceuticals) in Zambia, which is dependent on the copper industry, with a view to revitalizing and diversifying the economy, and to examine the direction of future cooperation as JICA.

The field survey will last approximately four weeks, and will include interviews with government agencies, donors, and private companies to understand the trends and challenges in the manufacturing sector, as well as to gather information on multi facility economic zones and industrial parks.

The survey results will be compiled by February 2024 and will be available in the JICA Library.

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