Social Media Policy

JICA uses official social media accounts to provide information on JICA and JICA activities, and this media use is managed under this Social Media Policy below. Use of JICA public social media or information sent from a JICA official social media accounts constitutes agreement with this Social Media Policy.

This Social Media Policy is subject to change without prior notice. Changes to the Social Media Policy are announced on this website. Use of a JICA public social media accounts after the public announcement of a change constitutes agreement with the updated Social Media Policy.

1. Copyrights

Unless otherwise stated, JICA owns the copyrights (and other intellectual property rights) to all content issued from JICA official social media accounts. Citation, transmission and other use of information transmitted from a JICA official social media accounts is permitted within the scope of the respective social media use policy. If citing, transmitting or otherwise using content from JICA accounts, the source must be clearly attributed whenever possible.

Acceptable example of attribution: RT @jica_direct

Copyrights for information on websites linked from JICA accounts apply in accordance with the respective use regulations for those websites. If the link is to the JICA website, the Disclaimer and Site Management Policy applies.

2. Disclaimers

Please remember that the postings on JICA's official social media accounts, including ‘retweets' and ‘likes', can be changed later.

Although JICA endeavors to ensure the accuracy of its social media information and the security of social media operations, no guarantee is made as to the accuracy of content, including the possibility that information has been altered by a third party. JICA does not accept responsibility for any damages occurring through the use of JICA social media accounts or information sent from such an account.

Among the information distributed through JICA's accounts is some content, links and other information presented by third parties that is beyond JICA's responsibility. Whether direct or indirect, JICA accepts no responsibility for any damages occurring as a result of use of this content.


JICA social media accounts are used for the purpose of providing information. JICA will not reply to any comments posted to our social media accounts.

If deemed to fall under any of the following items, JICA might delete comments without notifying the users.

  • Comments that violate laws and regulations;
  • Comments that violate public order and morals;
  • Comments that promote criminal acts;
  • Comments that slander a particular individual, company, or other entities, or damage their reputation or trustworthiness;
  • Comments that breach privacy, such as disclose or leak of personal information without authorization of its owner;
  • Comments that breach third-party's intellectual property rights and portrait rights;
  • Comments that are intended to generate profit;
  • Comments that include false information or significantly deviate from the truth;
  • Comments that include harmful program or script;
  • Comments that violate the terms and conditions of the hosting Social Media policy;
  • Other comments JICA considers to be inappropriate for the management of JICA social media accounts;

4. Changes and Suspension

The services and formats of information provided with JICA social media accounts is subject to change in all or part, and may be suspended or canceled without advance notice. JICA accepts no responsibility relating to such changes, suspensions or cancellations.