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With GNI per capita of US$820 (World Bank: 2015), Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. The country faces many development issues such as a lack of basic social services, due to long-term political instability and frequent natural disasters. In January 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck the country at the heart of its capital and some neighboring cities. The earthquake killed about 310,000 people, and resulted in severe damages equivalent to US$7.8 billion of loss, that is 1.2 times the country's GDP (2009).

Since the outbreak of the earthquake, Haiti has been working on the reconstruction of the country with the assistance of the international community.. From the perspective of human security, JICA supports the establishment of basic social services in Haiti, with focus on the improvement of health and sanitation conditions and the promotion of education. Considering the importance of food security, JICA also assists the in the agricultural sector.

Office Information
JICA Haiti Office
Agence Japonaise de Coopération Internationale (JICA)
#401 & #402, GN Plaza, No.48 Rue Metellus, Pétion Ville, Haiti

What's New

May 12, 2021 Conférence en ligne de la JICA Chaire en Haïti
May 12, 2021 Newsletter (French)
March 31, 2021 Journée de sensibilisation contre la propagation du « Corona Virus » en Haïti (French)
March 30, 2021 Cérémonie de l'inauguration du « projet de Construction d'Écoles Fondamentales des Départements du Centre et de l'Artibonite en République d'Haïti grâce à la Coopération Financière Non-Remboursable du Japon » (French)
March 17, 2021 Newsletter (French)

News & Features

August 16, 2021 Emergency Assistance to the Republic of Haiti in Response to the Earthquake
July 4, 2018 ‘Viva Latin America! Deepening Ties With Japan’ Vol.4: A Japanese-Style Early Warning System Protects Peruvians
June 28, 2018 ‘Viva Latin America! Deepening Ties With Japan’ Vol.3: Making "Automobiles" the Pillar of the Economy: The Shape of Cooperation in the Semi-developed Country Mexico
June 22, 2018 ‘Viva Latin America! Deepening Ties With Japan’ Vol.2: Persons With Disabilities Work Across Borders
June 18, 2018 JICA President Holds Talks With Heads of Pacific Island Countries at PALM 8

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