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In July 2006, the government of Japan proposed “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” as a mid-long term initiative toward co-existence and co-prosperity between Israel and Palestine. For peace in the two entities, this initiative depends on effectuating the two-state solutions, and to establish a viable Palestinian state by sustainable development of Palestinian economy, this initiative aims at trust-building between the neighboring countries through regional cooperation among Palestine, Israel and Jordan, while strengthening Palestine's socioeconomic base. To achieve the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity concept, JICA is conducting technical cooperation to develop agricultural sector and promote sustainable tourism, as well as technical cooperation and financial assistance for infrastructure to construct Jericho Agro-Industrial Park.

Office Information
JICA Office in Gaza
Mail address: 9th Floor, Abraj House, Tokyo Street, Ein Munjid, Ramallah, Palestine
(*Please make sure to mail to "JICA Office Ramallah Branch". not "JICA OFFICE IN GAZA")

What's New

January 15, 2018 JICA Office in Gaza
December 1, 2017 Videos
September 9, 2016 Message from the Chief Representative

News & Features

November 17, 2017 Poverty Reduction and Regional Stability through Economic Growth and Employment: JICA Leaders Report the Latest on the Mideast and Europe and Japanese Assistance

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