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Message from the Chief Representative


Paraguay is a landlocked country located in the heart of South America surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It has approximately a population of 7 million in a land of 406.752 km2, which comes to 1.1 times larger than Japan. The country has a flat surface where its maximum height reaches about 800 meters, and has a subtropical climate.

JICA's Office in Paraguay focuses cooperation activities in four priority areas such as:

  1. Assistance for the self-reliance of small-scale farmers
  2. Improvement of Public Health
  3. Improvement of Water and Sanitation
  4. Improvement of Economic Infrastructure

Among these areas, more emphasis is given to the Assistance for the self-reliance of small-scale farmers. This is because the existence of remarkable economic disparity among people in the country, especially in the rural areas where it is observed massive inequity in land ownership among farmers. Our cooperation focuses on for the small-scale farmers to strengthen public services and to form a basis for promoting development.

Regarding the commercial relationship with Japan, the sesame mainly produced by small-scale farmers in Paraguay is exported to Japan. More than half of the imported sesame in Japan comes from Paraguay. Considering its importance in both countries, we have been cooperating for the sustainable and improvement of sesame production in Paraguay.

On the other hand, JICA's Office in Paraguay, since the establishment of the office in Paraguay in the year 1956 as Japan's Public Migration Service Corporation (previous organization to the current JICA), operate as an office to promote emigration abroad. This Office has also been supporting the creation and stability of Japanese immigrants in the country. Thanks to the unflagging efforts of the Japanese immigrants, the nikkei society of Paraguay for their contribution to the growth and development of Paraguay, those efforts are highly valued by Paraguay society.

Finally, JICA has been cooperating to the growth and development of Paraguay in different areas, and in recent years we would like you to know the increasing presence of Japanese companies in Paraguay. We believe that the investment and/or cooperation of the private sector are indispensable for future growth of the country in addition to official development assistance. So JICA will also support, as far as possible, to the private sector for their investment and cooperation to the country.

Hideyuki Yoshida
Chief Representative
JICA Office in Paraguay


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