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Master's Degree and Internship Program of the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative 2021)

NEW ! Study in Japan (Master's degree)
How to apply for ABE Initiative 2021 & SDGs Global Leadership Program 2021?


Application is open until October 17th, 2020!

In order to strengthen a network among the target countries in both business and policy fields, JICA provides two (2) programs below. The application will be open from September to 16 October 2020; and the participants will be leaving for Japan in September 2021.


A: ABE Initiative 2021


  • to support young personnel who have the potential to contribute to the development of industries in Africa.
  • to foster excellent personnel who can recognize and understand the contexts of Japanese society and systems of Japanese enterprises so as to contribute Africa's development in collaboration with Japanese private sector.

Target Participants:

  • Young individuals from the Private Sector (who are or will be involved in economic activities in the local private sector maintaining and developing strong ties with Japanese companies and are expected to contribute to Africa's development through business activities)
  • Government Officials (Related to areas of interest of Japanese companies/ areas using technology/ funding of Japanese companies.)
  • Young Graduates with work experience of 6 months or more.

For more Information, please read the General Information Brochure below

B: SDGs Global Leadership Program 2021


  • to develop academically advanced and mid-career human resources who would contribute to appropriate policy decision and its implementation for tackling political and developmental issues in respective fields, and
  • to establish and maintain mid and long term good relations between the target countries and Japan.

Target Participants:

  • Mid-career Government Officials (who take part in formulation and/or implementation of policies, and are expected to contribute to Africa's development and achievement of SDGs through government activities)
  • Academic researchers (who are expected to engage in policy formulation and its implementation for contributing to the socio-economic development of the respective countries.)

For more Information, please read the General Information Brochure below

Download the application form

JICA's Application documents

Where to submit your application documents?

The original application documents must be submitted to the contact point in each country (see below) and please submit a copy (scanned file) via email directly to JICA Senegal at the address below :

JICA SENEGAL OFFICE ABE TEAM: sn-abe-mip@jica.go.jp
and to DioufMarietherese.SN@jica.go.jp

< For applicants from Senegal >

If you are government official, please apply to the "Direction de la Coopération Technique du Secrétariat Général du Gouvernement du Sénégal" via the human resource department of your Ministry.

If you are the person from the Private Sector, please submit your application document to
3e Etage, Atryum Center, Route de Ouakam, Dakar, B.P.3323
+221 33 859 7272, sn-abe-mip@jica.go.jp; DioufMarietherese.SN@jica.go.jp

< For applicants from other countries covered by JICA Senegal Office >

1. Cabo Verde
National Directorate of Political Affairs and Cooperation
Ministry of External Relations – MIREX
C.P. 60
Praia - Cabo Verde

2. Gambia
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Banjul - The Gambia

3. Guinea
Directeur Général Afrique – Asie
Ministère de la Coopération et de l'Intégration Africaine
Conakry - Guinée

4. Guinea Bissau
Direcção de Cooperação Internacional
559 78 77
Bissau - Guinea Bissau

5. Mali
Directeur Asie Océanie
Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, de la Coopération Internationale et de l'Intégration Africaine
Bamako - Mali

6. Mauritanie
Directeur Général des Investissements publics et de la Coopération Économique
Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Industrie
B.P. 238
Nouakchott - Mauritanie

< For applicants from other countries >

If you are a citizen of other African countries, please contact JICA office in your country or JICA SENEGAL OFFICE to find out where to submit your application.

Note: If you are a resident in a foreign country, you must submit your application in your country of origin, NOT in your country of residence. For example, Guinean nationals living in Senegal must submit their application in Guinea, not in Senegal.


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