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South Sudan


South Sudan

South Sudan gained independence in July 2011 as the world's newest nation with high hopes for the future. However, it descended into turmoil in December 2013 and then again in July 2016. Due to decades of civil war with northern Sudan and crisis in recent years, the country remains underdeveloped without adequate basic social services, and living conditions of the people remain extremely poor. Moreover, consolidation of peace and unity is one of the top priorities of the country.
JICA has been supporting the development of South Sudan since before its independence. After opening its office in Juba, JICA has worked in partnerships with the Government of South Sudan for the peace and development of the country. Toward development with trust for peace and unity, JICA is implementing its programs in four focus areas in South Sudan: 1) Improvement of basic economy and social infrastructure; 2) Development of alternative industries; 3) Improvement of basic living and livelihood; and 4) Strengthening governance and security.

Office Information
JICA South Sudan Office
Plot No. 300, Block 3-K South, First Class, Hai Thongpiny, Juba, Republic of South Sudan

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What's New

December 9, 2022 Official Launching of "Solid Waste Management Master Plan in Juba City 2021-2030"
December 6, 2022 Activities in South Sudan: Technical Cooperation
October 20, 2022 JICA contributes to the economic empowerment of South Sudanese women
October 12, 2022 Promotion of Agro-Forestry to Mitigate Desertification in Peri-Urban Areas of South Sudan
September 16, 2022 Make Science and Mathematics Fun for All

News & Features

November 21, 2022 Emergency Assistance to the Republic of South Sudan in Response to Flood
June 14, 2022 JICA President Tanaka visits South Sudan and Moldova: Reaffirming the importance of peace and stability
May 10, 2022 Signing of Grant Agreement with South Sudan:Supporting the replacement of four bridges in Juba to improve transportation accessibility and logistics
April 15, 2022 Building a solid foundation for agricultural development in South Sudan: After a decade of efforts, the Comprehensive Agriculture Master Plan is now ready for implementation
December 21, 2021 Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with South Sudan: Contributing to build a clean city through strengthening waste management capacity in Juba

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