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Japan - Sri Lanka relations go far back into history tracing many centuries ago, when Japanese traders first visited Sri Lanka. The partnership was officially formalized in 1954, focusing on technical cooperation. The Government of Japan has been one of Sri Lanka's key development partners and is today one of the country's largest bilateral donors.

With the end of the nearly thirty year long civil war in Sri Lanka in May 2009, in less than a year, Sri Lanka was recognized as a middle income country by the International Monetary Fund. Sri Lanka aims to double its income and become an upper middle income country by 2016.

JICA, the implementing agency for Japan's official development assistance, is taking Sri Lanka's needs into account and focusing its support on four priority areas :
1. Assisting the country to accelerate economic growth, 2. Poverty alleviation and regional development. 3. Improving living conditions of conflict-affected populations in the North and the East. 4. Disaster management and climate change.

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10th & 13th Floors, DHPL Building, No.42, Navam Mawatha, Colombo02, Sri Lanka

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