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Tanzania is recognized as a lower middle-income country with GNI per capita of 1,080 US dollars (2020, World Bank) and the basic needs poverty has declined from 26.4% in 2017 to 25.7% in 2020 (National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Government of Tanzania).

While Tanzania has ascended to a lower-middle income country, the status is an incentive to continuing to build a Competitive and Industrial Economy for Human Development to achieve the goals of the Vision by addressing some of her binding constraints of realising industrialisation and human development by 2025. Notable areas are; improving key productive infrastructures as well as reliable access to energy; continually strengthening the business and investment-enabling environment through effective policies to facilitate free private sector competition; and to improve and strengthen education and training systems, as well as integrating research and development with productive economic activities (2021, the National Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP) III, Government of Tanzania).

JICA's support to Tanzania primarily focuses on: 1) Nurturing driving forces of economic growth, 2) Infrastructure development conducive to economic and social development, and 3) Improvement of Governance and the Public Service Delivery.

Office Information
JICA Tanzania Office
3rd Floor, ABSA House 1008/1 Ohio Street, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
(P.O.Box 9450, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

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What's New

November 22, 2021 The Government Urges JATA Members to Assist Petty Traders with Solar Powered Lanterns
November 19, 2021 SHEP Approach Led to Changing Farmers Mind Set from ‘Grow and Sell' to ‘Grow to Sell'
November 15, 2021 All Is Set for the Survey on Improvement of Urban Transport (Commuter Railways) in Dar
November 9, 2021 Meeting Charts the Way Forward for Rice Development in Africa
October 25, 2021 Industrial Development

News & Features

April 28, 2020 【Sports for the future Vol.4】 Women’s empowerment and peace building through sports
August 16, 2019 TOWARD TICAD 7: ‘Africa & Me’ Part 8 - Impoverished Tanzania transformed by “Rice of Hope”: Motonori Tomitaka, former JICA Senior Advisor
March 29, 2019 Keeping Dreams Alive for the Tokyo Olympics: Assisting Women’s Empowerment Through the Nurturing of Female Runners in Tanzania
November 26, 2018 His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Grants Audience to Participants in the JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program
November 15, 2018 Raising Awareness of the Importance of Hand-Washing and Toilets in Africa From the Grass-Roots Level: 10 Years of the Water Security Action Team

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