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January 17, 2020

JICA President Kitaoka gave a lecture at the networking gathering for SDGs Global Leader Program participants

On 17 January 2020, JICA organized the networking gathering for SDGs Global Leader Program participants. At the gathering, JICA President Kitaoka delivered a lecture on the history of Japan's modernization.

The SDGs Global Leader Program is designed for future leaders of partner countries in Asia, Pacific, Latin America, and Africa to study at graduate schools in Japan. As of today, more than 100 participants are pursuing their academic degrees under the program. This program aims to foster leaders who can initiate proper decision-making in order to address critical issues in the development of various fields. It is also expected for participants to establish networks with Japanese resource persons in the relevant fields, and thus to cement good relationships between their home countries and Japan.

Dr. Kitaoka explained major and significant reforms that Japanese leaders had implemented during Meiji Revolution. He emphasized that Japanese experiences of modernization could be utilized in the development of their home countries today.

Dr. Kitaoka also introduced the Free and Open Indo-Pacific vision. He emphasized the importance of stable relationships with countries that share universal values, such as liberty, peace and the rule of law, which are flexibly defined reflecting the history, culture, and the status of development of respective countries. He also expressed his expectation for participants to contribute to strengthening the relationship between their home countries and Japan.


After the president's lecture, participants and JICA staff discussed participants' research themes, priority issues in the development of their countries, and future plan, etc..



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