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JICA Philippines Office

About NGO-JICA Japan Desk in the Philippines

While JICA provides assistance primarily on a government-to-government basis, JICA has also been working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in various ways. JICA recognizes the importance of NGOs' roles for nation-building, human development, and international cooperation. In the Philippines, NGOs with different scopes and expertise are active in a variety of development activities in the communities.

With this recognition, JICA has been promoting collaboration with Japanese and Philippine NGOs, particularly in implementing projects at the grassroots level. Other activities include participation of NGOs in Third Country Training Program (TCTP) and partnerships through dispatch of Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).

JICA Philippine Office has also established an NGO-JICA Japan Desk (NGO Desk) in January 2003 with the main objective of promoting the participation of Japanese groups or individuals in implementing international cooperation activities.

NGO Desk's main activities are as follows:

1. Support Japanese NGOs, universities, local government units and their Philippine partners

  • Gather information on NGO activities in the Philippines, as well as information on visa, SEC registration, Philippine laws, and other related information for Japanese NGOs
  • Hold consultations and respond to various NGO related queries
  • Conduct study sessions/seminars for both Japanese and Philippine NGOs
  • Network with other Donor Agencies with Small Grants Facilities (the Small Grants Donors Group is composed of the UNDP GEF/SGP/RNE, AUSAID, British Embassy, Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, DISOP Philippines, Spanish Embassy, New Zealand Embassy, European Commission, Embassy of Japan, and NGO-JICA Japan Desk)

2. Promote cooperation projects between JICA and NGOs

  • Support the formulation and implementation of Technical Cooperation for Grassroots Projects, especially in gathering information through project site visits and partner consultations

3. Promote exchanges between Japanese groups or individuals and the Philippines

  • Support international citizens' cooperation/exchange activities through information gathering and dissemination, acceptance of study tours, and development studies, among others

Assistance Schemes for Grassroots Cooperation

JICA welcomes in-depth grassroots collaboration of the sort that fulfills the needs of ordinary people in developing countries, especially projects which bilateral governmental programs cannot reach effectively, such as those with strong focus on health, education, livelihood and the environment.

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