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Project News


[No. 3] The Challenge of Visiting 2,000 Farmers' Households begins !!

The Project implemented 2nd round training to national project staff (NS) from February 22 to March 3, 2017. The objective was to draw up a manual for farmers' households visiting and to conduct role-play for farmers' households visiting. In the case of the project for rehabilitation and improvement of Buluto Irrigation Scheme, there are 533 farmers' households utilizing irrigation water. In the case of the project for rehabilitation and improvement of Maliana I Irrigation System, there are 1,467 farmers' households utilizing irrigation water. Therefore, the Project has a plan to visit all 2,000 farmers' household every year. Not only explaining the outline of the Project and introducing consumers purchasing trend of domestic rice, but also the project listens to farmers' real voice and community opinions directly which is positioned as the basis of this Project.

Based on the manual for farmers' households visiting created by NS's efforts, NS were divided into farmer role and NS role and carried out role-play of farmers' household visiting. In the beginning, most of NS were laughing during role-play, but they were doing it very seriously at the end. Finally, questions and improvement points came out from NS and its role-play became very fruitful practice before operating actual farmers' households visiting.

In fact, NS experienced the first farmers' households visiting at Rifun village in Maliana, Bobonaro Municipality which was implemented from March 14 to 16.

Based on the preliminary practice of role-play, NS started to talk from joking and chatting and made close relationship with each farmer. Through the first week round of farmers' households visiting, the project could see NS' efforts. After finished to visit 36 farmers' households, all NS showed us satisfied face and its face looked full fledge of confidence.

Visiting to farmers' households will start at Ritabou village, Maliana, Bobonaro Municipality from March 23, 2017 again. It will take about 6 months to finish visiting all 2,000 farmers' households.

Even though the path to success is too hard, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. Therefore, our project tries to do the best without losing a single step of NS, MAF/MCIE and each farmer. The project would like to thank you for your continued support.

PhotoAspect of role-play for visiting farmers' households.

PhotoAdvice time of question & improvement points from NS colleague.

Photo1) Aspect of actual visiting to farmers' households.

Photo2) Aspect of actual visiting to farmers' households.

PhotoNS showed satisfied face and full confidence after successes of farmers' households visiting.
(Background: Project office under renovation)

PhotoAspect of current paddy field in Maliana (March 16, 2017)


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