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Technical Cooperation Projects


Technical Cooperation Projects

What's "Technical Cooperation Projects"?

Technical cooperation is an all embracing term used to describe JICA's practical assistance to developing countries. Depending on the specific project, technical assistance can include the dispatch of JICA experts, the training of local officials for ‘capacity development’, the supply of equipment or financial assistance.

Technical cooperation is one of JICA's three major areas of development assistance, the others being provision of grant and low-cost yen loans.

Index of Countries

Classified by the country and each area where the projects is done.

Index of Subjects

Classified by subjects like Education, Governance and so on.

What's New

March 27, 2017 Proyecto de Fortalecimiento y Consolidación de la Producción y Uso de Semillas mejoradas de Sésamo para los Pequeños Productores en el Paraguay (Spanish) (Paraguay)
March 27, 2017 Project for Strengthening Capacity in Non-Revenue Water Reduction (Kenya)
March 27, 2017 The Partnership Project for Global Health and Universal Health Coverage (Thailand)
March 24, 2017 The Legal and Judicial Development Project (Phase 4) (Cambodia)
March 22, 2017 The Federal Capital Territory Reduction of Non-Revenue Water Project (Nigeria)
March 22, 2017 The Project for Modernization of Vehicle Registration and Inspection Administration System (Cambodia)
March 22, 2017 Тусгай хэрэгцээт боловсрол шаардлагатай хүүхдэд үзүүлэх эрүүл мэнд, боловсрол, нийгмийн хамгааллын үйлчилгээг сайжруулах төсөл (Mongolian) (Mongolia)
March 22, 2017 The Project for Strengthening Teachers' Ability and Reasonable Treatments for Children with Disabilities (START) (Mongolia)
March 16, 2017 Proyecto de Fortalecimiento del Sistema de Atención Primaria de Salud basado en el "Modelo Nacional de Salud" (Spanish) (Honduras)
March 15, 2017 Project for Expansion of New Curriculum of Teacher Training Institute (IFP) (Mozambique)



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