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Project News


[No. 16] CAAKUB sells varieties of domestic rice to suit its customers' demands in cooperation with the MAF and the Project!!

The CAAKUB is now selling different varieties of domestic rice to fulfill its cutomers' demands for red and black rice.

It was observed that there is growing demand for red and black rice in Dili as people found another alternative for practising healthier life by stopping consuming white rice and switching to consume red and black rice. Since the red and black rice have less carbohidrate compared to the white rice, people who have high blood sugar levels and heart problem are adviced to consume them. Besides that, Timorese people believe that the red and black rice can also help with obesity. Accoding to sample analysis by Japan Food Researh Laboratories, it was found out that the red and black rice have high calsium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin BI and B2 compared to white rice or import rice.

The CAAKUB observed the current consumption habit from its customers as an opportunity for expanding more varieties of its products to the market by introducing the red and black rice through its current Test Sales at MAF. By introducing these two commodities to the market, the CAAKUB has responded to its customers' demands for more variety of domestic rise other than the white rice.

On the other hand, even though the actual sales result of the CAAKUB indicated that the red and black rice were sold out quickly compared to the white rice, but their current supply is still limited as there are very few farmers in Maliana who produce those types of rice. However, more farmers in Maliana are now convinced by the CAAKUB to consider growing the red and black rice in the next cropping season since there is increasing demands for them in the market. Furthermore, the CAAKUB is considering to sell them to other places in the future as it expands its domestic rice sales.

Mr. Diamantino dos Reis, President of CAAKUB said that the red and black rice have been sold at the slightly different price unlike white rice because CAAKUB bought the paddy from the farmers by $0,60 per kg. He hoped that as more farmers grow the red and black rice, their actual prices will be gradually decreased in the future. In addition, he guaranteed to the customers the good quality of the red and black rice as they went through all the required procedures under techical assistance from the MAF and the Project from the initial purchasing process to the processing and manufacuring.

Mr. Fernando Égidio Amaral , National Director of Agro Commerce observed that there are increasing demands for domestic rice. Therefore he recommended the CAAKUB to expand its sales acitivity to commercial shops and big supermarkets in Dili. He believed that by doing so, the CAAKUB will be able to generate more income in the future and gradually become independent.

Futhermore, Mr. Fernando hopes that the CAAKUB will maintain its on-going efforts on quality control to be able to compete in the market and get trust from its consumers. He expressed his willingness to support the CAAKUB to better promote its sales activities in the future.

Mr. Shinji Hironaka, Japanese Expert on Agricultural Distribution and Sales praised that the CAAKUB was able to observe the customers' needs for the red and black rice and come up with creative ideas to sell them through the Test Sales at MAF. He welcomed the idea of expanding domestic rice sales to other Ministries and supermarkets in Dili, expressing that the Project will continue to support the CAAKUB in implementing it in the future.

On the other hand, Mr. Hironaka observed that the CAAKUB still needs management trainings on cost and benefit to help them minimize the cost and avoid uncessary spending. He further said that other things like timings for sales and distribution are also important for the CAAKUB to increase the sales in the future.

The Project and the MAF will continuously support the CAAKUB to a point where it is capable to indepently run the association with more farmers involved and its full ownership.

PhotoMr. Diamantino, President of the CAAKUB.

PhotoMr. Fernando, National Director of Agro Commerce, MAF.

PhotoMr. Shinji Hironaka , Project on Agricultural Distribution and Sales.

PhotoCurrent situation of CAAKUB Test Sales at MAF.

PhotoBlack rice (Left) and red rice (Right) which are now sold by the CAAKUB at MAF.


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