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Project News


[No. 51] Third signing contract ceremony of domestic rice was held at the Japan Embassy!!

On 17th July 2019 third signing of domestic rice sales between the farmers' market and 6 hotels, 6 restaurants and 2 bakeries shops was conducted at the Japan Embassy in Dili. This significant event was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, His Excellences Mr. Joaquim Gusmão Martins, the Ambassador of Japan, His Honorable Mr. Hiroshi Minami, Chief representative of the JICA Timor-Leste Office Mr. Nagaishi Masafumi, the Secretary General of MAF, Mr. Cesar da Cruz, representative of municipalities from the Project sites, Directors of MAF, representative of domestic rice distributors such as the CAAKUB Farmers Association and ACELDA company along with the new customers from hotels, restaurants and bakery shops.

Minister of MAF Mr. Joaquim Gusmão Martins thanked the effort of MAF and JICA to continuously promoting domestic rice through more restaurants and hotels in Dili. He praised the willingness of hotel, restaurant and Bakery owners for using domestic rice which is a meaningful step to help contributing farmers' income and incentivizing farmers to increase their production. On the other hand, the representative of the JICA Timor-Leste office Mr. Nagaishi Masafumi asked the customers to provide their feedback on the products. According to him with the feedback from the customers, farmers can better improve the quality and quantity of their products to better meet the demands of the market.

Following the signing of the contract the new customers pledged to use 100% of domestic rice for their industries and they asked the Farmers' market to provide them with good quality of domestic rice as well as local vegetables. They have also asked the Farmers' market to provide regular delivery and stock in the future.

Below are the new 14 shops which will serve 100% of domestic rice from now.

  1. Oceanview Beach Hotel
  2. Hotel Novo Turismu
  3. El Legendáriu Restaurant
  4. Hotel Audian
  5. Sakura Hotel
  6. Hotel the Ramelau
  7. Hotel Discovery INN
  8. Pau de Canela Restaurant (Timor Plaza Food Court)
  9. Oleole Restaurant (Timor Plaza Food Court)
  10. Picium Azurium Restaurant
  11. Amfabe Resto
  12. Naina Resto
  13. Cidade Bakery Shop
  14. Pizzaiolo & Bread Bakery Shop

For more information please visit our Project Website:

PhotoThe participants of the third signing contract of domestic rice sales

PhotoThe hotels, restaurants and bakery owners signing the contract sales

PhotoHis Excellency Minister; Mr. Joaquim Gusmão Martins handed over certificate of 100% use of domestic rice to the restaurants and hotel owners.



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