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Project Activities

  1. Promoting FRG approach

    FRG2 aims to scale out the FRG approach to all the research institutions (60 agricultural research centers and 22 universities) in the country so that the national agricultural research system will add value to its contributions to the country’s agricultural and rural development. The project will conduct training for researchers on the FRG approach and make follow up FRG activities in the field.

  2. Developing appropriate technologies through FRG approach

    The project involves directly in FRG based appropriate technology development in following focused priority research areas.

    • 1) Improve food security through increasing production of food crops,
    • 2) Improve farmers’ income through market oriented farming technologies,
    • 3) Create sustainable dry area farming systems through diversification and water saving technologies,
    • 4) Create sustainable livestock management through efficient animal husbandry technologies,
    • 5) Improve productivity and quality through labor saving farming technologies, and
    • 6) Create responsive agricultural research to farmers’ need.

    Development of appropriate technologies in focused priority research areas is implemented in close collaboration with other related projects and program supported by JICA and other organizations which include rice, quality seed, irrigation, marketing, dry land farming systems and rural product development.

  3. Developing the capacity to produce technical information for extension The project also emphasizes the importance of forms and means of technical information which is being communicated from research to extension and farmers. Through training and development of sample technical information materials, the capacity of researchers in this area is developed.


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