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Project News


Project Cycle Management Training

Many fishery officers requested JICA Expert to hold trainings on project management. That is, Project Cycle Management (PCM) training was held by JICA and USP from 8th to 12th November. PCM method assists in project planning, management, implementation and evaluation by using Project Design Matrix (PDM). PCM consist of three stages, analysis, planning and monitoring & evaluation. During this training, we focused on analysis and planning stages to draft a PDM of small-scale project which will be implemented by each division under the SDG 14 project.

Thirteen fishery officers participated from all the divisions. Mr. Sugiyama, JICA Senior Advisor for fisheries sector, provided online lectures from Tokyo and JICA Experts assisted exercises. The participants practiced "card-storming" and developed problem trees to visualize their ideas toward the achieving SDG 14. Then, they developed objective trees and draft PDM of small-scale project. On the last day of training, each division presented the PDM and received comments from other participants, USP and JICA.

The ideas of each division are shown in the table.

Division Project Title
IFMD Non-finfish data collection
Offshore Establishing economically viable alternatives from offshore Marine Protected Areas
Aquaculture Up-scaling tilapia production through cost effective farming regimes
Economic Planning Improving Fiji's central fisheries information and statistical system for evidence-based decisions and reporting for SDG 14.
Research and Eastern Encourage sustainable fisheries conservation and improve livelihood initiative towards a climate change resilient community
Central Crab fattening for the village of Naisogovau, District of Dravo, Tailevu
Western Maximize economic return/opportunities for LFA's members through sustainable utilization of fisheries resources

JICA Experts recommended participants to share the PDM with their colleagues and target groups such as fishers, community members and market venders in order to brush-up the PDM. Immediately after this training, Western Division held a workshop with Lautoka Fisheries Association to share and improve their PDM (see relating news). Once, the PDM was finalized and the stakeholders made consensus for their implementation, SDG 14 project will provide further technical and financial assistance to the division. Please remember that JICA Experts are always open to assist for improving your division's PDM.

PhotoMr. Sugiyama (JICA Senior Advisor) delivered lectures from JICA HQ

PhotoJICA expert briefly explained about SDG14 project

PhotoProblem Analysis by participants from MoF

PhotoParticipants discuss about their issues


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