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Project News


First Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting

First joint coordinating committee (JCC) meeting was held on 10th November. JCC is a high-powered committee whose role are to oversee the project framework, plans, inputs and outputs. Mr. Baleinabuli, Project Director, serves as chairperson and JCC members are consist of the project team, fisheries related ministries, USP, JICA and other fisheries stakeholders.

SDG14 project consists of two steps; the first step is project formulation in 2021, and the second step is project implementation from 2022 to 2025. The project team has conducted the baseline survey in Fiji since January 2021 and developed a new version of Project Design Matrix (PDM). Ms. Ravitu, Project Manager, explained the new concept of project by using PDM. Also, Ms. Sharma, counterpart personal, explained the progress and outcomes from stakeholder consultations. The project team consulted all the nine technical/regional divisions of Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CROP agencies, UN agencies, development partners and NGOs. As a result, all the parties confirmed the general support for SDG 14 project initiatives and deliverables.

Through the presentations and discussions, all the JCC members confirmed the progress and agreed the new PDM. Then, Ministry of Fisheries, USP, JICA Fiji Office and JICA Chief Advisor signed the minutes of meetings on first JCC. Since them, the project team stepped in to second stage, project implementation. The JICA in collaboration with USP will start trainings for fishery officers on coastal resource management, aquaculture and seafood processing.

PhotoAttendees singed the minutes of meetings in MoF

PhotoGroup photo on the virtual meeting

PhotoGroup photo of attendees in MoF

PhotoCounterparts connected JCC from USP


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