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Project News


Capacity Enhancement Trainings for Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji (1)

The capacity enhancement trainings for Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji has started on the 14th of February 2022. The three subjects of trainings to be held include i) Fisheries Resource Management and Conservation, ii) Aquaculture (Mud Crab and Tilapia) and iii) Post harvest. These trainings are delivered by JICA and the School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Science at the University of The South Pacific (USP-SAGEONS). The first day of the trainings, commenced with the opening ceremony. On behalf of Ministry of Fisheries, Director Fisheries and Project Manager, Ms. Neomai Ravitu, delivered the opening remarks. The Head of USP-SAGEONS, Professor Surendra Prasad and a Professor of USP, Prof. Joeli Veitayaki expressed their appreciation to JICA and all the lecturers who contributed immensely towards the successful opening of this trainings. In addition, JICA Chief Adviser of SDG14 Project, Mr. Tamura, emphasized that the participants must ensure the implementation of the small-scale projects on the ground level after the completion of the trainings. Under the JICA SDG14 Project, our capacity enhancement programme is divided into four (4) phases.

i) 1st Phase (February 2022) USP and JICA deliver the "class room trainings" to teach the theoretical knowledge about these three fields above. (Some trainings include field trip.)

ii) 2nd Phase (April 2022- March 2023) Based on the outcomes from the 1st phase, participants will brush up their drafts of "SmallScale Project" developed during the PCM training conducted in November 2022 and put them into practice. Moreover, JICA/USP will deliver "Practical Trainings" in order to provide the experience to implement the small-scale projects for the Fisheries staff.

iii) 3rd Phase (April 2023-March 2024) JICA, USP and MoF will expand the training field not only in Fiji but also to other Pacific Island Countries such as Palau, Vanuatu and Samoa where other JICA Projects are ongoing as adapting to the South-South Cooperation.

iv) 4th phase (April 2024-March 2025) JICA, USP and MoF will disseminate our outcomes from South-South Cooperation through a regional seminar in the Pacific Region. The trainings in this month are categorized into the 1st phase. In the next SDG14 Project news, we will cover details of the trainings on "Fisheries Resource Management", "Aquaculture" and "Post-Harvest".

PhotoOpening Ceremony

PhotoOpening remarks delivered by Director Fisheries, Ms. Neomai

PhotoDr. Rajesh explained about SDGs to participants

PhotoParticipants had some presentation about their action plan for their smallscale project


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