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Project News


Signing Minutes of Meetings for Amendment of Record of Discussions on JICA SDG 14 Project

The project on Pacific Islands Capacity Enhancement for Achieving SDG14 held the signing ceremony of the amended Record of Discussions (RD) on 31st March 2022. The amended RD was signed by Ms. Amaike, Resident Representative of JICA Fiji Office, & Mr. Baleinabuli, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Fisheries, in the presence of Dr. Joeli Veitayaki of USP - the project's training partner.

After the opening remarks by Ms. Ravitu, Director Fisheries and Project Manager, Mr. Baleinabuli expressed his thanks for JICA's support for the implementation of SDG14 projects in Fiji and the progress of this Project. A presentation on the objective of this signing ceremony was made by Mr. Tamura, Chief Adviser of the project. In addition, Mr. Tamura further explained the plan of operation for upcoming "Capacity Enhancement Training for the Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji" commencing from July till August 2022. Dr. Veitayaki provided previous training feedback & comments and strongly suggested that the Fisheries Officers regard this training as a good opportunity to build-up their capacity, from the trainings provided by JICA and USP. Ms. Amaike expressed thanks to the great effort by Fisheries Officers in Fiji and forecasted a positive outlook for the future of this project as part of her closing remark. This SDG14 project had been successfully progressed by this signing ceremony.

PhotoSigning on the amended records document

PhotoGroup Photo


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