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Project News


Small Scale Project (3)
(Mud crab fattening for the village of Vunuku)

Natural mud crab fisheries are highly exploited and fishing pressure is very high. The high demand has led to a big increase in illegal sale of small, undersized crabs. The main objective of project is to seek the feasible and effective method of Mud Crab fattening in Fiji and whether there is potential to eliminate the illegal sale of undersized Mud Crabs for sustainable fishery through the introduction of crab fattening to communities.

In order to demonstrate the crab fattening method to community members, Central Division held a training in the presence of Dr. Rajesh Prasad of USP - project's training partner - on 25th of May (@ Vunuku Village). Dr. Rajesh provided a lecture about the methods of the management, feeding and measurement of weight & size. In addition, the project team will be scoping the efficient feeds in terms of growth rate and cost efficiency with the monitoring exercise by comparing the three (3) populations fed by i) fish trash and ii) vegetable waste and iii) mixture of them.

JICA SDG14 team is in continuous cooperation with this project.

PhotoDemonstrate how to make containers to rear Mud Crab

PhotoContainers for Mud Crab fattening

PhotoPart of items procured by JICA SDG14 Project

PhotoMud Crabs are reared in this container individually

PhotoLecture by Dr. Rajesh of USP

PhotoDemonstration by Dr. Rajesh (@ Vunuku)

PhotoHapanet for Mud Crab

PhotoEarthen pond for Mud Crab Fattening (@Vunuku)

PhotoGroup photo @ Vunuku Village


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