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Project News


Capacity Development Training (Phase 3) Commences and Report on "Coastal Fisheries Resource Management Training"

As of June 2023, the SDG14 Project has resumed Phase 3 of the capacity development training for staff of the Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji, in collaboration with the University of the South Pacific (USP). Within this initiative, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) has engaged contract agreements with professors and consultants from USP to proceed with the project titled "Development and Implementation of Training Courses for SDG14 Project in Fiji (Phase 3)" aimed at achieving SDG14 in Pacific island nations. The training covers four subjects, including 1) Coastal Fisheries Resource Management, 2) Tilapia Farming, 4) Mud Crab Farming, and 5) Post-Harvest & Aquaculture Processing, conducted in the form of lectures and practical exercises. In this project news, we will provide a report on 1) Coastal Fisheries Resource Management.

The Coastal Fisheries Resource Management Training took place from June 12th to June 16th this year, with a total of 15 participants from the Fisheries Department attending. The primary objectives of the training were to follow up on the small-scale project "Coastal Fisheries Resource Survey Project on Moturiki Island," implemented under the SDG14 Project, and to accumulate knowledge required for the operation of such small-scale projects. Particularly, on June 13th and 14th, a two-day practical exercise was conducted at the project site on Moturiki Island. During this time, the participants engaged in 1) Stock assessment data collection using snorkeling techniques, 2) socio-economic surveys through community visits, 3) creel surveys, and 4) consultations with the village chief (Turaga Ni Koro) and community members. The data collected during the practical exercises on Moturiki Island were further analyzed through discussions among the trainees.

Throughout the training, considerable time was devoted to refining the plans for the small-scale project on Moturiki Island, resulting in a boost in morale among the research division. To contribute to the coastal fisheries resource management on the main island, JICA experts will continue to collaborate with the research division and make regular visits to Moturiki Island.

The Coastal Fisheries Resource Management Training provided valuable practical insights and knowledge to the participants, reinforcing efforts towards achieving SDG14 in Fiji and other Pacific island nations. The collaboration between JICA and the University of the South Pacific remains instrumental in fostering sustainable practices in the region.

PhotoSocio-economic Survey Conducted for the Community

PhotoConsultation with the Community

PhotoParticipants Preparing for the Survey

PhotoThe Jetty of Moturiki Island

PhotoParticipants Conducting Stock Assessment Data Collection

PhotoStock Assessment Data Collection Using Snorkeling

PhotoData Analysis Practical Exercise (@USP)

PhotoGroup Photo (@USP)


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