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Project News


Online Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is held (17-18 November 2020)

The Project and the Ministry of Health held an online Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) to share the experiences and lessons learned on MCH Handbook implementation in the era of COVID-19 pandemic in 17-18 November 2020, in cooperation with the Ministry of State Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since 2007, JICA and the Ministry of Health have held eleven international trainings on the MCH Handbook, namely TCTP (third country training programme), ITP (international training programme) or KSP.

Since 2018, the KSP has been held annually as a part of the technical cooperation framework between the Ministry of Health and the JICA through this Project.

This year was the first online KSP due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme this year was ‘‘Sharing experiences and lessons learned on MCH Handbook implementation in the era of COVID-19 pandemic''. There were 55 participants from 10 countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Thailand, Tajikistan, East Timor, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia. International organizations such as UNFPA and WHO, and NGOs also participated as an observer.

Throughout 2 days KSP, each country shared information on MCH Handbook implementation during COVID-19 pandemic, the measures currently being implemented and the issues on maternal and child health services. Live discussions were held on how to utilize the MCH Handbook and measures against COVID-19. Each country developed their Action Plans through learning from other countries on the MCH Handbook implementation during the pandemic.

According to the results of the evaluation questionnaire submitted by the participants, 94% of the participants were able to achieve their own goals through the KSP, and 99% of the participants improved their knowledge, especially how to provide MCH services and how other countries utilize MCH Handbook during the pandemic.

Some participants commented, "I was able to learn how other countries are using the MCH Handbook in COVID-19 situation.", " I was able to confirm that MCH Handbook is an effective tool to sustain the Continuum of Care. "


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