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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Human Resources Development for Cyber Security Professionals




Republic of Indonesia

Date R/D Signed


Project Site

Jakarta, University of Indonesia

Term of Cooperation


Implementing Organization

University of Indonesia, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KOMINFO)


(1) Development status (current status) and issues of the cyber security sector in the country

In proportion to the increasing importance of information and communication technology (hereinafter referred to as "ICT"), the risk of cyber attacks and information leakage is also increasing. Incidents such as fraudulent remittance of $ 81 million that the Central Bank of Bangladesh suffered have been confirmed around the world, and thus cyber ​​attacks on critical infrastructure are recognized as a major national risk.

In Indonesia, the establishment of a department in charge of the central government on cybersecurity and the formulation of rules have been generally completed, but the lack of quantity and quality of cybersecurity human resources in private institutions and governments has been pointed out by the government and economic organizations. The reasons behind this are the lack of an absolute amount of training opportunities and the vague definition of each role in cybersecurity personnel.

(2) Cybersecurity sector development policy in this country and positioning of this project

As one of the pillars of the Indonesian cybersecurity strategy formulated by the Ministry of Information and Communication in 2016, it is planned to produce human resources based on the needs of the industry and reform of cybersecurity awareness through higher education institutions. In addition, eight fields including electricity, transportation, and finance are designated as critical information infrastructure (CII), which is the focus of cyber security measures.

This cooperation will provide cyber security human resources continuously to private institutions and governments mainly in the CII field by establishing a cyber security education system for professionals (practitioners) at one of Indonesia's top universities, the University of Indonesia.

The Overall Goal

Enterprises, government, education entities and non-Government organization in Indonesia are able to take appropriate security measure to prevent and encounter cyber threat.

Project Purpose

Education system in University of Indonesia for cyber security professionals is strengthened based on demand by ICT entities


  1. World-class Cyber Security Professional training program is held by University of Indonesia
  2. Open source Cyber Security tools required by the ICT entities are localized or developed
  3. Open courseware in Cyber Security is developed and opened to public
  4. A network for cyber security entities among the world is strengthened to increase participants and stakeholders for the course.

Project Activities

Output 1)

1-1. Study other countries' ICT skill standard such as NICE(US), SecBok (JP)
1-2. Design up-to-date and comprehensive Cyber Security curriculum
1-3. Develop syllabuses based on the curriculum
1-4. Train university lecturers (including guest lecturers from private sector)
1-5. Establish various short-term training courses that are components of the long course
1-6. Monitor activities related to training courses and improve them when necessary

Output 2)

2-1. Study existing open source Cyber Security tools
2-2. Study the demand of Cyber Security tools
2-3. Select the highly demanded tools to localize or develop
2-4. Provide implementation support for the localized and/or developed tools

Output 3)

3-1. Choose the appropriate topics from the Cyber Security curriculum
3-2. Develop open courseware of chosen topics
3-3. Release the developed courseware
3-4. Collect feedback from users and improve the course ware when necessary

Output 4)

4-1. Strategically conducting cyber security trainings to human resource with other countries
4-2. Disserminating course outcomes through International/Regional organizations or any appropriate forums


Japanese side

  • JICA long-term and short-term Experts (Chief Advisor, Project Coordinator/Cyber security expert, Curriculum development, PR planning)
  • Trainings (local trainings and trainings in the third country)
  • Equipment, such as software etc.

Indonesian side

  • Counterpart personnel
  • Facilities and equipment (including office space)


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