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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Livelihood Improvement Project for Southern Mountainous and Plateau Areas (LIPS)



Date R/D signed

September 14, 2010

Project Site

Attapeu, Champasack, Salawan, and Sekong Province
Terms of Cooperation: November 29, 2010 – November 28, 2015
Implementing Organization: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Overall Goal

Villagers’ livelihood is improved in 4 southern provinces through extension of appropriate technology.

Project Purpose

Villagers’ livelihood is improved in target clusters through extension of appropriate technology.


  1. Necessary support system is prepared for target cluster development.
  2. Introduction and extension of appropriate technology are implemented in initial clusters.
  3. Lessons and good practices in initial clusters are applied to other target clusters.
  4. The results of the Project are recognized by relevant organizations (e.g. DLF, NAFES, PAFO / DAFO in Southern provinces.)

Project Activities

1-1To study and select the existing clusters, and identify candidates for core farmers and groups
1-2To identity appropriate technology based on local conditions
1-3To train the staff of PAFO, DAFO, TSC in appropriate technology and cluster development.
1-4To build consensus on the scope, activities and roles and responsibilities of the participating organizations with relevant parties
1-5To install necessary facilities and equipment for extension activities
1-6To conduct baseline survey
2-1To select initial clusters
2-2To build consensus on the scope, activities and roles and responsibilities of the core farmers and groups
2-3To provide guidance and training to core farmers and groups and help them act as extension workers for other villagers in the same cluster
2-4To monitor and document progress in the initial clusters
3-1To develop and extension plan for other target clusters.
3-2To promote the results of the Project to target expansion clusters.
3-3To support extension activities to target expansion clusters.
3-4To monitor progress of extension activities and their results.
4-1To conduct end line survey
4-2To produce a handbook and/or case studies on cluster-based extension.
4-3To promote the results of the Project in printed or electronic form
4-4To organize a seminar / workshop (s) to publicize the results of the Project and case studies


Input summary by Japanese side

  1. Expert
    Long-term experts
    1) Chief advisor
    2) Expert in appropriate technology extension (fishery)
    3) Coordinator / Training and extension promotion
    Short-term experts
    1) Japanese experts in such areas as livestock, crops, extension and socio-economic survey
    2) National and third country experts in livestock, crops and aquaculture
  2. Training
    1) Technical Training in Japan
    2) Third country training and study tour
  3. Machinery and Equipment
    Necessary equipment and facilities

Lao PDR side

  1. Lao counterpart personnel
    1) Project Director
    2) National Coordinator
    3) Project Manager
    4) Experts in livestock or fishery development
    5) Expert in extension
    6) Site manager
    7) DAFO / TSC extension staff
  2. Office Space and Facilities for the Project
  3. Operational cost for the Project implementation


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