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Project News


First visit to Gaza and Niassa provinces in September and October 2021

The third surge of COVID-19 that started in July 2021 in Mozambique finally waned in September.

As the restrictions on activities and travels were lifted, the ProNUT team took the chance to visit the pilot provinces, Gaza and Niassa, in September and October 2021, respectively. It was the first visit since the project started.

The team had face-to-face discussions with the provincial and the district counterparts to have a common understanding of the project concept approved at the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) held in August 2021. The activity plan also was discussed. The team visited the provincial and the district health equipment warehouses and several primary health facilities to assess their capacities and status quo. The importance of an impact evaluation and the need to select intervention and comparison districts were also reaffirmed.

It was an excellent opportunity for the ProNUT team to build a rapport with the two provinces since all communications had been made online meeting or via email and phone call before the visits.

PhotoChild grwoth monitoring in a health center in Bilene, Gaza (10 Sep)

PhotoJICA experts with the Bilene district counterparts (District Health, Women, and Social Action) in Gaza Province (10 Sep)

PhotoJICA experts' visit to a health center in Muembe District, Niassa`rpvomce (13 Oct)

PhotoJICA experts with Niassa provincial counterparts (Niassa Health Directorate) (15 Oct)


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