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Outline of the Project

Project Name

The Technical Cooperation Project for the Capacity Development of Efficient Distribution and Transmission Systems



Project Sites

All area in Tanzania

Project period

August, 2009 to March, 2016

Implementation Organization

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)


In the late 1990's the government of Tanzania announced the future plan of TANESCO privatization, during the period it had not been invested in maintenance, strengthening and rehabilitation of existing electric power facilities. Consequently TANESCO power facilities have been degraded and poorly maintained which leads to frequent outage and resulted in barriers against various economic and social activities. Reflecting this situation the government finally decided not to specify TANESCO in privatization list and to support TANESCO for reconstruction.

This is the background where Tanzania government proposed Japanese government to implement technical cooperation to TANESCO for Human Resources Development. Responding to the request JICA sent the first preparatory study team in July 2007. They collected information and had discussions with the TANESCO Managing Director, Managers and Engineers. They reached the basic concept of the technical cooperation for TANESCO and signed the minutes in 2007 and in August 2009 TANESCO-JICA Project has been started. In May 2011 first Artisans training course started and now more Training Courses are conducted.

The project period of technical cooperation is seven (7) years from August 2009 to March 2016.

PhotoIndoor Training 01

PhotoIndoor Training 02

PhotoOutdoor Training 01

PhotoOutdoor Training 02

Overall Goal

The improved operation and maintenance practices are implemented at distribution and substation facilities of TANESCO.

Project Purpose

The internal system for human resource development is improved and sustained.


  • The training system for distribution and substation facilities of TANESCO Training Schools (TTS) is developed.
  • The artisans, technicians and engineers working for distribution and substation facilities are trained and certified through the training system at TTS.
  • Quality Control (QC) activities are introduced to TANESCO and its activities are promoted continuously.
  • The outcomes of the training system at TTS and QC activities are integrated into technical work of distribution and substation facilities.


Tanzanian Side

  1. Assignment of Counterpart
  2. Land, Buildings and others
  3. Office space and necessary facilities for Japanese experts
  4. Operational expenses;

Japanese Side

  1. Experts
    1. Long-term (Resident) Experts
      -Chief advisor
      -Coordinator / Power Utility Training Program
    2. Short-term (Visiting) Experts
      Short-term experts will be assigned in the following specialized fields:
      -Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Facilities
      -Distribution Planning
      -Operation and Maintenance of distribution and grid Substations
      -Quality Management.
      Short –term experts in other specialized fields will be assigned depending on the requirement for effective implementation of the Project.
  2. Training in Japan
    -Counterpart Training (tailor-made courses and/or existing group training courses)
    -Third country training if necessary
  3. Equipment etc.
    The equipment and tools will be provided depending on the necessity for effective implementation of the Project. The following areas of activities are provisionally selected:
    -Training for distribution, substation
    -Distribution and substation maintenance works
  4. Local Cost
    Details will be discussed during the project.


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