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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project on seamless health and social services provision for elderly persons(S-TOP)



Date R/D Signed

28th September, 2017

Term of Cooperation

8th November, 2017~31th October, 2022

Implementing Organization

Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and National Health Security Office

Overall Goal

Developed models in the Project are utilized nationwide

Project Purpose

Toward the nationwide expansion, community-based models are developed for the seamless provision of medical, rehabilitative, social and life-support services for elderly persons.


  1. For the seamless provision of medical, rehabilitative, social and life-support services, issues to be solved are identified through the situation analysis at the central level and pilot sites.
  2. Based on the existing initiatives, models are developed at pilot sites for the seamless provision of medical, rehabilitative, social and life-support services.
  3. Recommendations are developed based on the implementation results of the models at pilot sites as well as Thai and Japanese knowledge and experiences.

Project Activities

1-1 Conduct assessment on policies, regulations and programs at the central level.
1-2 Select pilot sites based on appropriate criteria.
1-3 Organize committees at each site by concerned organizations.
1-4 Conduct assessment on the situation of service provision at each site
1-5 Analyze the situation, and identify gaps to be filled at each site.
1-6 Summarize the result.
2-1 Based on the result of output 1, gain the ideas to fill the gaps identified at each pilot site.
2-2 Draft a plan to realize the ideas gained in activity 2-1.
2-3 Experiment the plan at each pilot site.
2-4 Monitor the experimentation and evaluate the results.
2-5 Finalize experimentation plans as models
2-6 Document models gained in activity 2-5 with evidence.
3-1 Discuss the models and how to expand them nationwide.
3-2 Document recommendations on models and necessary actions for expanding them nationwide.
3-3 Submit recommendations to the relevant organizations.


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