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Project News


Introducing SUSFORM-NOW Project to Villagers at Pilot Sites in Dien Bien District

SUSFORM-NOW introduced project activity at Phieng Ban village, Thanh An commune, Dien Bien district on 22 April 2011 and Sai Luong village, Nua Ngam commune, same district on 26 April 2011 through village meetings. 85% of Phieng Ban villagers and 95% of Sai Luong villagers participated in the meeting.

In the beginning, Chairpersons of Nua Ngam and Thanh An communes introduced participants, agenda and purpose of the meeting. After that, Ms. Nguyen Thi Duyen, Vice Head of Agricultural & Rural Development Division of Dien Bien district (member of district PMU), introduced background and outline of SUSFORM-NOW Project.

Through the implementation of project activities, we hope local people's life quality will be improved, that will contribute to reduce poverty step by step; promote self-reliant and self-control of local people; strengthen relationship between local people and authority; and, especially, increase local people's awareness of protection, management and development of forest, water resource, ecological environment, etc.

After the village meetings, villagers of Phieng Ban and Sai Luong villages understand the project basically. All villagers are willing to accept SUSFORM-NOW Project and to participate in implementation of project activities at their villages.

PhotoVillagers are watching a film, introducing progresses of the other similar projects, in Phieng ban village.

PhotoA villager is asking about iplot site activities in Phieng ban village.

Nguyen Thi Duyen
Agricultural & Rural Development Division of Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province.


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