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Project News


Introducing SUSFORM-NOW Project to Villagers at Pilot Sites in Dien Bien Dong District

SUSFORM-NOW Project organized village meetings at Na Phat A village, Na Son commune, Dien Bien Dong district, on 18 April 2011 and Huoi Mua A village, Keo Lom commune, same district, on 22 April 2011 to introduce SUSFORM-NOW Project. Villagers were very busy for working on the farm at that time, but many villagers arranged their time to participate in the meetings (70% of Na Phat A villagers and 85% of Huoi Mua A villagers). Staffs of Dien Bien Dong district and Na Son and Keo Lom communes also participated in the village meetings for project introduction.

Chairpersons of People's Committee of Na Son and Keo Lom communes introduced agenda and schedule of the meetings first. Then a member of provincial Project Management Unit introduced outline of SUSFORM-NOW Project, some implemented project activities and its plan in the future to villagers by showing a film, introducing activities of the other similar projects, and PowerPoint.

SUSFORM-NOW has been operated since August 2010. Its Project Purpose is mutually sustaining participatory forest management and livelihood development in the pilot sites. Some project activities have been implemented such as survey for selecting pilot sites, review forest and land use at pilot sites, etc. Through these activities, local people are becoming to understand SUSFORM-NOW project. Especially, after the village meetings, their understanding of project is becoming better than before. They understand project goals, purposes of project activities, way of implementation etc. Villagers of Na Phat A and Huoi Mua A are very happy to join SUSFORM-NOW project and willing to participate in implementation of project activities in their villages.

PhotoNa Phat A village

PhotoHuoi Mua A Village

Dang Thi Thu Hien
Department of Agricultural & Rural Development of Dien Bien Province, Sub-DoF of Dien Bien province

Note: The same meetings were hold in the other 2 Pilot Sites in the same District, Tia Ghenh C Village , Keo Lom Commune, and Hang Tro B, Pu Nhi Commune.


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