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Project News


Market Survey for Agriculture and Forestry Products

Based on the Village Development Plans (VDPs) has been formulated at 6 pilot sites of Dien Bien and Dien Bien Dong districts of Dien Bien province between May and June 2011, the main income generating activities were found to be focused on production forest planting for raw materials, crop cultivation, animal husbandry/aquaculture and NTFPs production. Therefore SUSFORM-NOW Project decided to conduct market survey to better link between production and markets and thus to ensure the sustainable livelihood of local villagers at the pilot sites of the Project. SUSFORM-NOW project hired Dien Bien Provincial Vocational Junior College (DBVJC) for conducting Market Survey for Agriculture and Forestry Products and signed on the contract on the 1st of August.

Following the ToR (Terms of reference), DBVJC will conduct pilot survey at Dien Bien and Dien Bien Dong district for a week to check and correct the interview questionnaires for actual survey. After the pilot survey, a meeting will be organized to receive feedback from SUSFORM-NOW. Then DBVJC will conduct actual survey in Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh and Lai Chau provinces, and Hanoi city.

SUSFORM-NOW Project will report the progresses of these activities continuously.


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