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Project News


Construction materials for animal sheds were delivered

As we reported on this web site, SUSFORM-NOW Project conducted technical training of livestock breeding. Then, SUSFORM-NOW Project provided materials for building animal shed from 20th to23rd of October and 8th of November. They are minimum construction materials selected by Interests Group (IG) members. Later, when they will be able to get benefit from this activity, the 1st group IG members shall pass to the 2nd group the equitable materials and animals, which they were supported by the Project. By revolving the initial support in the villages like this, the activities will continue sustainably. To manage such system, the IG members discussed by themselves and agreed on their internal regulation.

Photo(Left and Right): One IG member is bringing roof materials (Tia Ghenh C)


PhotoIG members are receiving roof materials (Sai Luong)

PhotoIG members are signing on the receipt of construction materials (Sai Luong)

Photo(Left and Right): Inspecting the quality and quantities of bricks (Phieng Ban)


PhotoIG members are transporting cement (Phieng Ban)

PhotoIG members are measuring weight of iron wire (Phieng Ban)


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