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Project News


The Study Tour to Son La Province


The Project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area (SUSFORM-NOW) organized a study-tour for commune staff and the representatives of Interest Groups in each pilot site to visit and learn some successful models in Son La Province. There were 22 participants in the study-tour. Mr. Nguyen Dinh Ky, Project Manager, and Mr. Goseki, Chief Advisor, were heads of the delegation.

Duration of the study-tour was two days from 23 to 24 Februarry 2012. The participants visited three places: The Northwest Forest Science Center, the Mushroom Production and Export Mushroom Processing Enterprise, and an afforestation model in Hua Ty Village, Co Ma Commune, Thuan Chau District, Son La Province.

Mr. Tan Van Phong, Director of the Northwest Forest Science Center, and his staff introduced the results of production models as follows:

  1. Animal husbandry: The Center had been raising some wild animals such as porcupine, musk-cat, deer, and forest birds. Especially, musk-cat had been studied for its reproduction.
  2. Cultivation: There were many good kinds of seedlings in the nursery garden of the Center such as pine, macadamia, Sindora siamensis, Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Giao co nam), persimmon, Docynia indica (Son tra) and others. Bamboo (May lay) and macadamia were high value trees, which had been expanded in a large scale in Son La Province.

The delegation visited the Mushroom Production and Export Mushroom Processing Enterprise of Son La Province. Mr. Le Nguyen Phuoc, Vice Director of the Enterprise, introduced the process of mushroom production and the planting method for some mushroom species currently popular in the market. The participants discussed potential cooperation between the Enterprise and SUSFORM-NOW.

Mr. Thao Nhia Dia, a H'Mong person living in Hua Ty Village of Co Ma Commune (Thuan Chau District) had achieved a lot in afforestation in Son La Province. Mr. Dia mentioned that with supports from the Forest Protection Management Board, he himself had afforested 60ha and had mobilized villagers to afforest 37ha of forest since 2004.

All participants of the study-tour were very happy to receive useful information. They admired Mr. Dia's actions. He was an energetic person and a good mirror for people's learning.

After the study-tour, the participants got a new understanding of agricultural and forest production models. Some of them told that they would apply lessons learned to the production activities in their villages and mobilize villagers to implement them together.

by Nguyen Dinh Ky


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