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Hue Central Hospital

Background Information of the Central Region in Vietnam

OutLine of Hue Central Hospital

Logo of the Hue Central HospitalLogo of the Hue Central Hospital

Since Vietnam is outspreaded from north to south, there are three national general hospitals located in the North (Bach Mai Hospital), the Central (Hue Central Hospital) and the South (Cho Ray Hospital). Those hospitals are functioning as a top referral hospital in each region, under the supervision of Ministry of Health.

Hue Central Hospital has founded in 1894, and serving to the public more than 110 years.

This hospital manages and supervises 16 provinces in the Central Region.

General Data (As of 2005) : 38

  • No. of Clinical Departments
  • No. of bed (Planned) : 1,100
  • No. of bed (Actual) : 1, 600
  • Bed Occupancy Rate : 137%
  • No. of inpatient/year(2005) : 51, 911
  • No. of outpatient/year(2005) : 229, 550
  • No. of birth /year(2005) : 5, 060
  • No. of medical research/year(2005) : 70
  • No. of DOHA training : 548

Mission of Hue Central Hospital

photoHue Central Hospital

Hue Central Hospital is the sole national general hospital in the Central Region, and carries the following roles;

  1. Top referral hospital

    Provide qualified medical services to the people in the Central Region.

  2. Consideration for the Poor

    Patient from the poor or minorities can be exempted fully or partially for treatment fee. Also, if such patients are admitted for hospitalization, meals for these patients will be provided as free of charge.

  3. Teaching hospital for the lower-level hospitals

    To provide better medical services in the Central Region, conduct staff trainings and its follow-up for lower-level (provincial, district) hospitals.

  4. Teaching hospital for medical students

    Conduct training and practice for medical students and nursing students to gaining their practical skills and knowledge.

  5. Medical Research Center

    Conduct medical research activities.

Other Donor's Cooperation Project

  1. World Bank/ WHO

    Project for Regional Blood Transfusion Center in the Central Region The constrcution of Center has launched in the end of Dec., 2006; with a total of around 8.6million USD;

  2. ATLANTIC Philanthropies/ East Meets West Foundation
    1. Project of the provision of building and medical equipment for the Pediatric Department, valued at some 1.7millionUSD. Inaugurated in 2003;
    2. Project of the provision of building and medical equipment for the Cardiovascular Center, with a tatal of around 8.3million. Inaugurated in March 2007;
    3. Project for building Eye Center/ Training Center Complex will be launch in June 2007.
  3. Lux-Development

    Project for the provision of medical equipment and software of management and maintenance of medical equipment.


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