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Message from the Project

Welcome to our Website!


Hue Central Hospital (hereafter referred as HCH), the first Occidental Medical Hospital, was established in 1894 in Vietnam, which is one of the three biggest national hospitals in Vietnam under the management of the Ministry of Health.

With a target of 1,100 patient beds and 47 departments and three centers, HCH is a national general hospital which has the highest function of treatment in Central Region.

HCH also has a mission to serve as a teaching hospital for Hue Pharmacy and Medicine College as well as for medical staff from hospitals/medical centers of primary, first and second levels in the Central Region.

Also, as a key unit of Specialized Medical Center not only in Central Region but in the whole country, the best efforts to improve the medical services and strengthen the training capacity are made by HCH staff.

There were two remarkable achievements in 2006 and early 2007.

HCH received two new buildings with modern and sufficient equipment;

  1. Complex ward with 3-storey outpatient clinic and 7-storey high-tech Center funded by the Government of Japan through the Grand Aid Program,
  2. 6-floor cardiovascular Center funded by the ATLANTIC Philanthropies and implemented by East-Meets-West Foundation from the US.

For 112 years of its establishment and development, Hue Central Hospital has continued developing itself. We always exert all our strength and strive to learn what works and what does not work and to share the knowledge with colleagues as well as partners.

The 5-year project for Improvement of Medical Services in Central Region implemented by JICA has been cooperating since 2005. It is very helpful and useful for us to improve the quality of health services of the 14 Provincial Hospitals and Highlands to enable them to provide secondary-level medical services, as well as to strengthen the training capacity of the HCH.

Through this website, we hope to receive your understandings about us as well as your precious sharing to make HCH better and better.

Professor BUI DUC PHU, MD, Ph.D
Director, Hue Central Hospital
Project Director of JICA IMSCR Project


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