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Outline of the Project

Project Name

The Project for Strengthening HIV/AIDS Laboratory Network Services



Project Site


Project Duration

June 2007 - May 2010 (three years)

Project Counterpart

Zambia's Ministry of Health

Project Background

The Zambia HIV/AIDS Laboratory Quality Assurance System is a system for monitoring the quality of laboratory testing conducted by hospital laboratories at the provincial, district and health centers facilities in each province. The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) serves as the top referral laboratory for HIV/AIDS laboratories. UTH also serves as a key referral base, while tertiary hospitals (Kitwe Central Hospital and Arthur Davidson Hospital in Copperbelt Province) and provincial hospitals in the nation's eight provinces serve as the quality assurance bases for these activities.

This project supports the establishment of an HIV/AIDS Laboratory Quality Assurance System for the UTH Laboratory and laboratories at various tertiary level hospitals and provincial hospitals, in accordance with the "Operational Plan for the National Laboratory"1 enacted by Zambia's Ministry of Health. The ministry's Laboratory Quality Assurance Unit is the counterpart for this project, which positions the UTH Laboratory and laboratories at tertiary level hospitals and provincial hospital's in the nation's eight provinces as the main laboratories to be targeted by the project (UTH is in charge of Lusaka Province) in order to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of laboratory results. Support for the quality assurance at lower level laboratories is provided by CDC, USAID and other organizations.

*1 This plan was jointly produced by JICA and other related parties in May of 2006 and it has been subdivided into the general areas of Human Resources and Training, Quality and Data Management, Instrument & Infrastructure and Program Management. JICA has been providing support along with America's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the area of supporting data quality control.

Project Purpose

Project Purpose :National laboratory QA system for HIV/AIDS is established accordingly based on 'OPERATIONAL PLAN FOR THE NATIONAL LABORATORY'

Project Goal

Quality of the laboratory testing is improved nationwide

Project Activities

1-1Hold a workshop to create Standard Operating Procedure
1-2Develop National QA Guideline
1-3Monitor the application of SOP and National QA Guideline
2-1Develop Provincial Action Plan for improving QA
2-2Develop checklist & tools to evaluate QA implementation
2-3Produce curriculum and materials for training on QA procedures
2-4Conduct trainings on QA procedures to provincial laboratory technicians
2-5Hold workshop to disseminate QA procedures to provincial health planners
2-6Monitor and supervise QA activities in each province
2-7Monitor equipment maintenance at national reference laboratory
3-1Enroll and participate in EQA programme
3-2Monitor and supervise QA activities in each province
4-1Facilitate regular meetings among National QA Sub-committee members
4-2Conduct monitoring for implementation of national operational plan among stakeholders


  1. Manuals and guidelines are developed and monitored in order to standardize testing procedures
  2. Internal laboratory quality assurance systems are established and strengthened
  3. External QA systems are strengthened at national and provincial level
  4. The stakeholders at national level are well coordinated for smoothful implementation of 'OPERATIONAL PLAN FOR THE NATIONAL LABORATORY'

Input Summary by Japanese Side

Approximately 150 million yen


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