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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Integrated HIV and Care implementation project at district level





Project Site

Lusaka, Chongwe District(Lusaka), Mumbwa District(Central)

Project Duration

April 2006 - March 2009

Project Activities

  1. Training for counselors, introduction of Finger Pricking HIV testing at health centers, ensuring reference of PLWHAs from health centers to district hospitals/ referral health centers, and others.
  2. Appropriate installation of medical equipment, training for healthcare staff on HIV/ART management.
  3. Training for community people/ groups on HIV and AIDS care, training for health staff on HIV/ART management and commodity management, and others.
  4. Training for healthcare staff on TB/HIV co-infection management, follow-up on defaulters for both TB and HIV, upgrading laboratory capacity, and others.
  5. Management training for DHMT staff, improvement of communication/referral/transportation systems, and others.
  6. Survey for OR, Planning/implementation/monitoring of OR.
  7. Assembly of Project Task Force Meeting and sharing workshop.

Input Summary byJapanese Side

  • Long-term Experts : 3 persons (Chief Advisor/Health Administration/ Infectious Disease Control,HIV/AIDS, Coordinator / Community Participation)
  • Short-term Experts : About 6 persons/ year (TB/HIV Control, Laboratory, Health Management, Advocacy/IEC, and others)
  • Equipment CD 4 Counters, HIV test kits, X-Ray and other laboratory equipment items and reagents, vehicles, bicycles, office equipment, X-Ray films, Audio/visual equipment, computers, and others
  • Dispatch of Trainees to Japan About 3 persons/ year Local expenditures


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