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Project News


ZIM-SHEP Project News vol.7 (July 2020) "Follow-up visit in Mashonaland Central"

ZIM-SHEP Team conducted follow-up visits[1] at Mashonaland Central, which is one of our target provinces for 1st batch[2], from the 14th to the 17th of July 2020. The main purposes of the visits were to monitor the progress of the project and collect information to improve on forthcoming Training of Trainers content scheduled for Batch 2 in Mashonaland East and Manicaland.

Our team received positive feedback from the farmers. Farmers said, "In the past, we could hardly conduct market survey by ourselves because we didn't know how to do but now we were able to research on ourselves, and we became more confident in collecting information about production and sales". Other farmers said, "The quality of our crops were also improved by practicing what we learnt through in-field trainings and are now able to reach a beneficial agreement for both sellers and buyers, and our negotiation ability has improved through knowledge of production costs". The provincial and District officers said frontline extension staff are now more confident in service delivery and relationship with farmers has improved as more farmers demand services.


  • [1] Follow-up visits is an activity in which the Zim-SHEP team visits target provinces where a series of SHEP activities has been conducted. The team conducts focus group discussions with beneficiary farmers, frontline agricultural officers, district and provincial specialist confirming whether farmers had learnt and adopted practises taught during the trainings. Also, we note the challenges and suggestions given for improving follow-up activities.
  • [2] The implementation of the Zim-SHEP Project was divided into 4 batches. They are 8 agricultural provinces in Zimbabwe. The project has been designed in such a way that trainings will be conducted targeting 2 provinces per year for 4 successive years.

PhotoFarmers answer some questions in a group

PhotoDiscussion among H/O staff and District officers

PhotoFarmers answer some questions in group


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