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Project News


ZIM-SHEP Project News vol.15 (Dec 2021) "In-field ToT in Manicaland Province"

The ZIM-SHEP team conducted In-field ToT in Mutare, Manicaland Province from 13th to 15th of December 2021.

The participants of the training were Agriculture Extension Supervisors and Officers from three project sites in Manicaland namely Nyakomba, Murambinda, and Bwerudza Irrigation Schemes. Furthermore, District AGRITEX Officers and Crop Specialists from the targeted SHEP project areas also attended.

The in-field ToT methodology comprised of a series of comprehensive lectures, group exercises and demonstrations. The training courses included General Horticulture Crop Production, Agronomic Practices on target Crops Selected by Farmers, Soil Sampling, Integrated Pest Management, Record Keeping and Cost Analysis, Farm Family Budgeting etc.

Following the training, one of the participants commented, "The allocation of lectures and skills practice was well-balanced in this training session, whilst in university settings lectures dominate the curriculum. More importantly, through the series of the skills practice, I now feel more confident and competent teaching agricultural techniques to farmers."

On the way forward, capacitated frontline extension officers and supervisors will carry out In-filed Training for Farmers in their respective project sites. The ZIM-SHEP team comprising of head office, province and district agriculture specialist are planning to visit the project sites to backstop and follow up on their training activities.

PhotoA lecture using ZIM-SHEP original video material

PhotoA demonstration on fertilizer application and watering

PhotoA demonstration on transplanting techniques

PhotoA demonstration on seed bed making


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