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Project News


ZIM-SHEP Project News vol.17 (Feb 2022) "ZIM-SHEP: Training of Trainers and farmers' Training on Gender Mainstreaming"

ZIM-SHEP team conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) for Gender mainstream training, and backstopped frontline extension staff as they trained target farmers. The training took place in February 2022. The ZIM-SHEP team trained Provincial, District Officers, Agricultural Extension Supervisors (AES) and Agriculture Extension Officers (AEO) in charge of the target irrigation schemes.

The tools introduced during the sessions are "Productive and Reproductive Activities", "Access and Control of Resources", "Daily Activity Calendar", and "Gender Action Plan". The training focused on "How can a farming household effectively allocate/ utilize limited resources and time to increase their income", and self-realisation of the importance of working together as a unit within households.

The participants were happy to learn about the other sex's perception on the different roles, access and control of resources, time spent on non-income-generating and productive activities which they were not aware. In addition, they realised the mutual understanding and joint decision making to enhance their farming business activities.

PhotoExercises are on-going

PhotoSome of them conducted the exercise at a school

PhotoA women's group working on a exercise

PhotoMen's group haveing discussion


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