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December 24, 2019

Capacity Development and Assessment Activities of J-PRISM II project
(Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries Phase 2)

(Expert of Capacity Development)

J-PRISMII puts particular emphasis on the capacity development of counterpart agencies through project activities to comprehensively strengthen the foundation (human resources, organizations and systems) of waste management. Capacity development is defined as the "process of improving the "capacities (capabilities for handling issues)" whereby the developing counties identify issues, set goals and achieve these through playing the roles individually or as an integrated whole at multiple levels—including the individual, organizational, and societal level. (*1)

(*1) Capacity Assessment Handbook - Project Management for Realizing Capacity Development - (JICA Research Institute/JICA, September 2008)

PhotoCapacity Assessment by Individual Interview (DEPC)

PhotoCapacity Assessment by Group Interview (PVMC)

PhotoExample of Field Survey for the Proper Understanding of Circumstances of Counterpart in Each Country

In Vanuatu, the first Capacity Assessment (Baseline) was conducted in April 2017 immediately after the start of the project, and the second Capacity Assessment was conducted in December 2019, for the counterpart organizations, the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation of the Ministry of Climate Change (DEPC) and the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC). As a result, it was confirmed that both DEPC and PVMC have strengthened the foundation of their capacities according to their roles in waste management by co-working with experts. For example, DEPC has become gradually capable to provide guidance of waste management plans in local governments (states and cities) based on the national strategies, while PVMC is also examining the measures for improving waste collection and transportation plan for solid waste management plan.

It is expected that more capacity enhancement in multiple aspects will be achieved for the improvement of waste management in Vanuatu.


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