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In February 2011, Egyptian President Mubarak resigned, and Egypt is in a fluid situation due to its transition towards democratization. Behind this change in administration were factors such as a high unemployment rate among the young and the problem of soaring food prices for the poor. It has been pointed out that despite favorable macroeconomic growth, there were many who have not shared in the benefits of development. JICA is providing assistance in formulating and implementing a national development master plan toward the realization of a fair government and administration operation, development of human resources, job creation and industrial development. Through the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology and other institutions, JICA also provides assistance for industrial human resource development, and socioeconomic infrastructure such as the Greater Cairo Metro Line No.4 Phase 1 Project Also, using the experience and expertise cultivated through cooperation with Japan, Egypt is providing training within its borders for nearby countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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JICA Egypt Office
World Trade Center 8th Floor, 1191 Corniche El Nile St. Boulak, Cairo, Egypt
(P.O.Box 475, Dokki, Arab Rep. of Egypt)

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May 17, 2017 JICA organizes a seminar on "Microinsurance: International Experiences and Egyptian Application"
April 13, 2017 Publications
December 21, 2016 JICA Contributes to "Egypt Census 2016" with 450 tablets for quality control
December 15, 2016 JICA Recognition Award to Ambassador Aboulnaga
September 28, 2016 Activities in Egypt

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