Co-creation case studies and interviews with JICA digital partners

Challenge in Bhutan! Using Health Data to Promote People’s Health and Wellbeing

GovTech Agency, Bhutan
Ministry of Health, Bhutan
Office for STI & DX, Governance and Peacebuilding Department, JICA
Accenture Japan Ltd.

Satellite Data Used to Predict the Future of the Earth's Environment

Latin America
・Space Big Data
・Tectonic Shift
・Social Business

Passion for Change! Poverty Reduction through a Unique Financial System

・Credit Scoring
・Micro Finance

An Innovative Solution to the Global Water Crisis

・Prediction of Water
・Pipe Deterioration
・Hard Infrastructure
・Big Data

From Kagawa, Saving Mothers and Children in Asia

・Medical DX
・Perinatal Care
・Personal Health Record

A Revolution for a Billion People - Agri-tech Challenges in India

・Agricultural DX
・Satellite Data
・Digital Agriculture Map

Roundtable: Telemedicine Startup × VC × JICA

T-ICU Co., Ltd.
Beyond Next Ventures Inc.
JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency)

For those interested in co-creation with JICA DX

JICA DXLab project

Validation of Data Platform and Impact Measurement Methodology to Increase Women’s Financial Access in India

Following the $50 million loan agreement in 2021 with Northern Arc to improve women’s financial access through microfinance in India, JICA saw an opportunity to enhance data management practices and capture a wider range of detailed data by leveraging the expertise of technology players. This pilot initiativeselected a technology player in this area, to optimize reporting workflow, streamline data management, and allow detailed impact measurement with an ultimate goal to drive greater gender impact.

Technology Testing to Mitigate Human-Elephant Conflict and Promote Coexistence in West Bengal

To mitigate human-elephant conflict in West Bengal, JICA is working with the West Bengal Forest Department (WBFD) to launch a pilot project (PoC) to test technologies and inform WBFD's data strategy. We are looking for a digital partner with a proven track record in conservation technology in India or similar regions to provide and implement technology-based solutions.