Message from the Chief Representative

The JICA Mongolia Office will provide effective cooperation with the support of Mongolian and Japanese stakeholders and contribute to the solution for developmental challenges Mongolia has faced and to ensuring Mongolia's social and economic development and to creating a happy future for the people of Mongolia.

Mongolia with its 3.4 million population living in a territory about four times bigger than what is in Japan, has half of the entire population residing in the capital city. Thus, this population density of the capital city causes serious urban issues such as traffic jam, air pollution, increasing number of poor households, shortage of school and teachers. Mongolia is also a landlocked country between two major powers, Russia and China, and is exposed to challenges such as weak economy and infrastructure, undeveloped industrial structure, unstable policies, urban and rural disparities and a lack of basic social services. On the other hand, Mongolia known as pro-Japan nation has great potential for further development with numerous positive factors such as abundant natural and mineral resources, and a vibrant young population.


The Japanese economic cooperation in Mongolia began in 1977 with the grant aid for the construction of the Gobi Cashmere plant. Following this project, in 1984, JICA started dispatching experts to Mongolia. Our cooperation further expanded in 1990 when Mongolia shifted to democratization and market economy, thus the representative office opened its door in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar on January 1, 1997. I often hear appreciation for Japan's support during these times of political turmoil and economic hardship, and I feel that the Mongolian people deeply trust in Japan.

Currently, with 30 staff members, the JICA Mongolia Office strives towards successful implementation of many projects in the forms of technical cooperation, grant aid, soft loans, private sector partnership, community-involved efforts in various fields such as macroeconomic management, strengthening administrative and financial governance, developing industry, improving infrastructure, supporting environment, health, education sectors and persons with disabilities.

We, the JICA Mongolia Office will continue to work with the people of Mongolia to address developmental challenges and enhance the relationship between Mongolia and Japan so that more and more people become aware of how unique Mongolia is.

April, 2022
TANAKA Shinichi , Chief Representative, JICA Mongolia Office