JICA Mongolia Office



JICA Mongolia Office

Shangri-la Centre, 19th and 21st Floor, 19A Olympic Street,Sukhbaatar District-1, Ulaanbaatar 14241 Mongolia

Tel :7505-8778

JICA Mongolia Office

JICA presently works in more than 155 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The JICA Mongolia Office was founded on January 1, 1997, as the 53rd JICA overseas office. Currently sixteen Japanese and Mongolian staff members work in the office.

An overseas office enjoys direct and prompt access to current information about the local situation. Each overseas office strives to grasp the specific needs of the recipient country, and on the basis of those needs formulates projects to be implemented. To ensure effective and efficient implementation, each office also collaborates with the recipient governments and with NGOs, donor countries and institutions.

History of JICA in Mongolia

October 1990 the first expert sent
March 1991 agreement to send Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV)
March 1992 the first JOCV coordinator sent
April 1992 the first two JOCVs sent
January 1997 JICA Mongolia Office opened
March 1997 Japan's Economic Cooperation Team, which negotiated the major fields of cooperation with Mongolia, is sent.
November 2000 the first three Senior Overseas Volunteers sent
January 2001 Mongol-Japan Center opened
October 2003 JICA reorganized
December 2003 technical cooperation agreement signed



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