Message from the Chief Representative

Nepal and Japan share a long history of friendship. Particularly this year 2022, we are celebrating the 120th Anniversary of International Student Exchanges between Japan and Nepal. The first five Nepali students have been to Japan to study in 1905. Following these students, the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1956. Since then, the Government of Japan have extended various forms of assistance to Nepal where JICA is the implementing agency of Official development Assistance (ODA).


JICA commenced its cooperation in Nepal more than 50 years ago and since then, it has supported Nepal's own developmental efforts ranging from transport, energy, water and sanitation, to aviation, education, health, peace building, legal, governance and agriculture sectors aiming to support Nepal's growth in a comprehensive manner. Loan financing, grant assistance, technical cooperation and volunteer programs are different forms of JICA's support in Nepal. Advisory from Japanese experts in government agencies and periodic training programs for government officials in Japan have fostered close working relationship at the on-site level thus strengthening mutual understanding, promoting cordial relationship, friendship and trust between the two countries. In addition, JICA extended immediate support for relief and rescue during the great Earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 in the post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction by pursuing the principle of Build Back Better (BBB).

Since the spring of 2020, Nepal has been going through difficulties brought about by COVID-19. Even under the hardships, JICA has been making its best efforts to carry out our tasks to support the country side-by-side. At present, we cannot foresee how the situation of COVID-19 will be, but we will do every possible method for the sake of development of our precious counterpart country, Nepal.

In order to realize our vision " Leading the World with Trust", JICA Nepal will continue to take the lead in building strong bond with Nepal by providing maximum support to Nepali people and the government of Nepal for sustainable peace and prosperity.

Mr. OKUBO Akimitsu
Chief Representative
JICA Nepal Office