Collaboration with Eisai on Lymphatic Filariasis Campaign

[Goal 3] Good Health and Well-Being


JICA has been implementing “The Project for Elimination of Lymphatic
Filariasis (LF) Phase 2” with National Department of Health (NDOH) and other partners.

JICA LF Project team recently convened an online meeting with Eisai Co., Ltd to update the current situation. Eisai has been supplying Diethylcarbamazine (DEC), one of the anthelmintics used by the Mass Drug Administration (MDA), free of charge to countries around the world since 2013 and has made a significant contribution to LF elimination. The JICA team provided updates on MDA progress and offered insights into activities on-site in MDA initiatives in Papua New Guinea. Dr. Hida, Senior Director of the Sustainability Department (at the time of the meeting) at Eisai, highlighted challenges in managing drug supplies not only in PNG but worldwide and expressed gratitude for the support from JICA. In addition, the JICA team mentioned that they happily share with local people that DEC utilized in our project comes from Eisai, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, as well as underscoring Japan's significant contribution to the discovery of ivermectin, another drug used in MDA.

As for ivermectin, developing Ivermectin involved collaborative research by Japanese chemist Dr. Satoshi Ōmura. Dr. Ōmura's study of bacterial species from soil samples in Japan contributed to the discovery of Ivermectin, earning them the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

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Health workers deal with DEC tablets in Baea Community Health Post.

Usage of DEC Tables.

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