International Exchange Across the Oceans -Online sessions with Japanese students

[Goal 4] Quality Education


A Grade 6 class comprising of 25 students of Sogeri Primary School had an exchange learning session with 10 Grade 6 students of Nagakutsu Primary School, Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, on 1st March 2024. As soon as the students of Nagakutsu Primary School appeared on the screen in the classroom, excitement swept through the class of Sogeri Primary School. It felt like in that moment, the students of Papua New Guinea and Japan became friends.

After introducing themselves, the students from Sogeri Primary School performed in acapella, the National Anthem of Papua New Guinea. The students from Nagakutsu Primary School introduced Kobayashi City and performed the locally transmitted "Shamoji Dance". Inspired by the Shamoji Dance, the students of Sogeri also spontaneously performed a local ethnic dance and chorus, greatly boosting the excitement.

During the question and answer session, there were inquiries in English about each other's countries' animals, plants, food, transportation and others. It seems that the students of Nagakutsu Primary School had been considerably practicing English in preparation for this day. They spoke in very understandable English. The exchange learning session was scheduled for 30 minutes but ended up lasting well over an hour due to the enthusiastic interaction. When it was time to say goodbye, everyone seemed genuinely reluctant to part.

After the exchange learning session, the teacher in charge of Sogeri Primary School was moved to tears by the overwhelming emotions. The principal of Nagakutsu Primary School immediately called and said, "I have been an educator for a long time, but this is the first time I have been so moved. I almost cried." The hope is that the friendship between Papua New Guinea and Japan will deepen even more when these children grow up.

The children's exchange across the sea will continue in the future.

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